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Post Drag

14 October 1988
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53 lies, adam and the ants, afi, agoraphobic nosebleed, air, alexi, almonds, amanda, andam ant, andrew, animals, anything baltimore club, anything borrowed, anything creative, anything dancehall, anything drumnbass, anything motivated, anything new, anything old, anything punkorhardcore, anything withpunkorhardcoreancestry, asians, aus rotten, barrington levi, beenie man, bethany, big black, bjork, black flag, blondie, blood brothers (thoughnotsomuchanythingnew), bounty killa, braid, brandon, buju banton, busta, carcass, cex, chris veckman, christian death, circle jerks, city, claude vonstroke, claudia, conflict, danzig, daughters, dawn penn, death in june, decemberists, depeche mode, descendents, dinosaur jr., discharge, dischord, dropdead, elliot smith, every marley ever, fags, filth!, friends, funny shit, ghostface, hinduism, husker du, indk, interpol, jawbreaker, jess, jessie, jimmy eat world, joe strummer/mescaleros, joy division, jurassic five, kate bush (!), katherine, kathleen, kayti, kyle hoy, le tigre (by tradition), leftover crack!, limp wrist (duh), liz, lucia, mia (piracy funds terrorism), michael, mike d, minor fucking threat, misfits, morrissey (myonetruelove), music, my bob, my dad, my dog, my family, my mom, nas, nasum, neon blonde, new order, nina, nina simone, oil paint, oppressed peoples, other kathleen, ozomatli, pavement, peaches (butnotactually), people, people whoareattractive, people withgoodintentions, photos, placebo, prince, ratatat, refuckingfused, richie spice, rilo kiley (andjennylewis), rites of spring, ryan, samhain, screamers, security, siouxsie (bansheesandcreatures), sisters of mercy (andtheempire), soa, sonia, spooning, stray cats, suzanne, talking heads, tattoos, tegan and sara, telefon tel aviv, the clash, the cramps, the cure, the damned, the exploited, the nerve agents, the new media, the smiths, tiger tunes, trannys, ugly pretty, unholy grave, vitamin water, void, wiamiadoreyoudonteverchange, you